As you journey from where you are, to where you want to be and think into your new, desired results we invite you to share your success stories here. No matter how large or small each of your successes are, we know they will be many and each are worth celebration. We look forward to hearing your successes celebrating them with you here!

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Working with Dr Sherien Akasha has allowed me to personally grow in areas that I was aware of but more importantly areas I was unaware of. I’ve been able to gain insights into my own blocks that have kept me from abundance in multiple areas of my life including beliefs around love and money. Having Sherien as my coach has been THE difference in my progress and growth.

My growth personally has also impacted my professional life in positive ways. Sherien’s supportive, kind, and direct coaching approach allowed me to truly dig deep and bring to light things to address. The many tools to help redirect my mindset organized my inner life beautifully as I move forward and grow into my goals. I would highly recommend both group and one-on-one coaching with Sherien, who not only knows these principles but lives them as well, with abundant results!


John C.

I met with Sherien in early January 2023 as I was interested in some self development work. I have done some of this work before but never with a mentor and it has made all the difference.

The questions Sherien posed for me before I signed up before were thought provoking. To start thinking in a way that takes you outside your comfort zone but it also stirs something exciting within you which you get to realize is your own authentic self looking to grow.

Setting myself a major goal I would not have done without the gentle provoking questions from Sherien. I committed to signing up for the 6 months programme because I trusted my gut that something great was going to happen even if I didn’t have a clue how!

This was the great thing about the material from Bob Proctor, each of the 12 lessons are thought provoking and together with the worksheets and the support every two weeks from meetings with Sherien things started to take shape. I started to experience things manifesting in my life which I could trust with my intuition and my increasing self confidence that they were building towards my goal.

When faced with any challenges or distractions I have overcame them with confidence and calmness as you begin to realize the consistent working towards a main goal builds something resilient within you emotionally and you look for solutions to any problems immediately.

With Thinking Into Results and Sherien’s mentoring I have:

  • Released old habits and even stepped out of what I will call familiar patterns of living (comfort zone) so I can achieve bigger and better things, i.e. to grow as a person.
  • I have created a new self image to believe I am deserving of things I want to achieve and have.
  • I have a deeper understanding of humanity and of myself.
  • I have a deeper understanding of the value of spiritual connection within us and it’s connection to the universe.
  • I have a better understanding on how complete responsibility for yourself actually creates a wonderful sense of freedom in life.

The study is not difficult. You do need to commit a little bit of time every day to deepen it’s understanding and it does work. Consistency and desire are the key and having Sherien as a mentor to gently keep you in the right direction has been a positive experience and I look forward to taking on the next stage of my development.


Abdelrahman A.

I had the privilege of embarking on the Thinking into Results mentorship, a journey that I wish I had started long ago. This transformative program is a beacon of hope for those seeking to truly live and thrive. It has empowered me to cease attributing my setbacks to external factors and instead, take full ownership of my life. I’ve come to understand that the realm of possibilities expands with every positive, empowering thought and energy. This program has infused my life with meaning, purpose, and direction, and it holds the same potential for you.

Dr. Sherien’s coaching style is a unique blend of insight, warmth, and friendliness. Her guidance has been a guiding light in my journey, and I am eager to continue this enriching connection with Dr. Sherien and the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

I am deeply indebted to Dr Sherien Akasha for her invaluable mentoring and guidance, which have been the cornerstone of my personal growth and transformation.

“My consultant is very caring and also knows how to empower the client to step into their own path which I truly appreciate. I highly recommend working with a Proctor Gallagher consultant if you are ready to take yourself up to a higher level of personal expansion. Every day counts.”

Mikael van Soest

Business Owner ‘Conscious Harmonics Hypnotherapy’ –
Certified Hypnotherapist

“Say YES to a Proctor Gallagher Consultant support, mentorship, and an inspiring community. I can tell you I will be studying this material for the rest of my life. Plus passing as much as I can onto my children when little opportunities present itself. Here is why; delivery of this material, practices, and book readings/understandings is exquisite. When I started with my consultant in 2020, I was in a “one-day-at-a-time” mediocre mentality. (tired, drained, and not sure what to do, I had a clouded vision and no direction) My desire for change was like a rock in my gut. Once I made the decision, I focused, follow directions and it’s been full of exciting changes ever since. I highly recommend Proctor Gallagher Consulting.”

Briana Carreau

Business Owner ‘Current Image’

“I just completed the Thinking into Results program led by my Proctor Gallagher Consultant and the results have been amazing in both my business and personal life. My consultant really goes above and beyond for her clients, the experience and guidance have been invaluable. I would highly recommend a Proctor Gallagher Consultant for anyone looking to take their results to the next level.”

Mike Prechel

Business owner ‘Kelowna Accountants’

“I recently finished a 6-month session with my Proctor Gallagher Consultant in the Thinking into Results program. All I can say is wow! It has completely changed the way I think! It has lit up my desire to want and ask for more out of life. I am performing better as a leader in my business as well as feel more at ease in my personal relationships. I know now that there is so much more to do/grow/be and I’ve only scratched the surface! I’m so thankful that I had a Proctor Gallagher Consultant to guide me through. The amount of love, dedication, and wisdom through the experience is inspiring.”

Jessica Heitman

University Professor and Mother

“Working with my Proctor Gallagher Consultant has been both life-changing and life-achieving for me. Through decision-making, dedication, persistence, and action steps, my consultant gave me the necessary support and a kick in the butt to keep me focused on the target. I learned it was up to me to decide where and how high I would aim to reach any goal with a positive attitude and successful thinking. In 9 months of training my success in business and family has been phenomenal, and is only getting better! Any idea you hold in your mind with a burning desire, you will create.”


Business owner ‘Green Triangle Contracting’ and Father

“I highly recommend consulting with a Proctor Gallagher Consultant if you are looking to make massive successful changes in your life. Bob Proctor who many know was featured in the movie The Secret was an expert at helping people transform their lives and their minds! Now that Bob has passed away, Proctor Gallagher Consultants are carrying on his legacy to share this knowledge with the world… you have unlimited potential to achieve what you desire and at the very least a life filled with health, wealth, and love. If you’re struggling in life, don’t continue on alone and stay stuck, a consultant can help.”

Jennie Lynn

“Before working with Thinking into Results with my Proctor Gallagher consultant, I was frozen and did not know how to move forward in my life or my goals. My consultant helped me ingrain the lessons of TIR, so I now have a clear path to committing to success that I am actively working on.”

Robert D.

“My Proctor Gallagher Consultant and the Thinking Into Results program have completely changed my life and have helped me to truly believe in myself and live life to the fullest!”

Shay Seminerio